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2016 Summer Site Office Hours

Closed Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 15th

Summer Office Hours begin Monday, July 18th: 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Closed Fridays: June 17th, July 22nd and July 29th

All School Sites will be closed Monday, August 8th until 11:00 a.m.
áááááá Normal Office Hours Begin on Tuesday, August 9th
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Digital Literacy: 3
Instructor: Gregory   

OVERVIEW:   Students will be given a foundation in basic keyboarding skills.  Students will be exploring all the components of Microsoft office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher,  and creating documents that are formatted in acceptable business and academic applications.  Students will be given instruction in the basics of graphic design through the use of Photoshop. 

First Semester:
   Students will be taught the basics of all components of Microsoft office and applications of the software to real-life situations.   Students will be given a foundation in touch keyboarding, and will be expected to continue to improve their skills.  Keyboarding will be part of their grade.   Students will be taught some fundamentals of using photoshop in graphic design. 

Second Semester:
    Work will contine with the different applications in this class.  Students will be expected to use the foundational skills taught last semester to produce more sophisticated projects with much more depth.   During the last quarter,  students will be producing a portfolio and designing their own businesses and documents using all of the things they have learned.

All assignments will be listed on ABI, please check ABI frequently for your child's grade and any missing assignments. 
Business Project
After Spring Break, students will be starting into their culminating project for the year in Tech Literacy. THIS WILL BE A MAJOR PART OF THEIR SECOND SEMESTER GRADE. They will be creating a ficticious business and a notebook.of all the business documents that will go along with it. The purpose of this project is for students to use what they have learned all year to create a portfolio.

STUDENTS WILL NEED A 3-RING BINDER to put their documents into. It does not have to be new. Plastic sheet protectors are nice also. They will need approximately 20 of them.

The overall information will be posted here on the webpage, and a copy will be in their folders. You will receive an information sheet to be signed as well.

All assignments are graded individually, but the total point value will be almost 400 points by the end of the project. Students are encouraged to stay on top of the assignments, and while each assignment has an individual due date, these due dates are for motivational purposes only. All assignments can be turned in late, or early, as long as they are done by the end of the project. DUE June , 2015. Students may opt to work ahead, but need to clarify the directions so they do it right the first time.

Plenty of time is allotted in class and students who are staying on task every day will have no trouble completing the work. Students who are not managing their time will fall behind. Please check ABI and monitor your child's progress on this large project.
As most of us are aware, Keyboarding skills are vital in todays job world. It doesn't matter what kind of job you have, chances are you use a keyboard in some way during the course of the work day. With the new Common Core Tests, keyboarding skills will be an important part of taking the test.
We will be keyboarding all year. In the beginning, I will teach correct keyboarding technique. Then we will transition to an online keyboarding program. Grades are based on passing the 2-minute, timed quizzes we do in class twice a week. In my class, students must have a minimum of 20wpm to pass a quiz.
I encourage all students to practice keyboarding for 10-15 minutes per day at home whenever possible. They are welcome to use the same free website we use in class. This website uses targeted lessons, games and has timed tests. Only quizzes passed during class will be counted. Access it here: www.freetypinggame.net .
LOGO Programming Unit
All computer classes will be having a chance to learn coding (computer programming) in a language called LOGO. Learning to write in LOGO is a way to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes that transfer to other learning situations. Its a fun and graphics-based introduction and gives students an appreciation of the programming required to create the video games and apps they use on a regular basis.
The process of thinking through and writing a program, getting instant feedback by seeing if it worked (or failed to work) and going back to debug and refine the program you wrote is a valuable skill. It promotes self-confidence in problem solving that can be the foundation to working throgh complex problems in all areas of learning and is the gateway to learning other programming languages.
We will have an introductory unit and then 1-2 more complex units later this year. We will be using a free downloadable program called FMSLogo, and in the STEM component they will have the opportunity to use a similar program called Scratch (also free). We encourage students to play and experiment at home! Download the free software here.
All grading will be based on the accumulation of points.   The percentage of the possible points earned will determine the grade. 

LATE WORK:   Students may turn in any assignment late.  If it is beyond a reasonable amount of time, points will be deducted.

Make-Up Work
   Students who are absent, for any reason, can make up work on their own in the library during lunch, before/after school.   They should be able to log into their profile on any computer on campus and use their free time to get their work done.  Sometimes, there is time in class, (for example if they finish another assignment early), and make up work can be worked on then.   I allow a reasonable amount of time for making up work.   After that, I will deduct points for being late.

Working at Home
In the interest of fairness and safety for our computer lab, NO work from home will be allowed to be brought to school. All work will be completed in class, so that all students have equal access to software, equipment and time. Students who are absent will need to use the occasional free time to get work completed and turned in. All students can log into the library before/after school, and during lunch if they need additional time.

Work will be graded as soon as possible. To conserve ink, I will grade almost all assignments on screen. This takes considerable time as I have to be in the lab to do it. Once I have all the assignments graded for the class, I will then enter it into ABI. By the time you see red squares on ABI for missing work, students will have had ample time to turn in late work. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
We have a state-of-the art lab with expensive equipment.  As we all know, there is no budget for replacement.  Students are responsible to use the equipment wisely.   I am aware that some students come with more experience than others, but even those who have experience can benefit from instruction.  Students who are not following instructions and think they "already" know what to do, will be asked to sit away from the computer for the rest of the period.   If the behavior continues, referrals for defiance will be written.

Discussion Topics
 Keyboarding Audio Tutorials
Just like in class! Close your eyes and listen and learn! Files will take about 30 seconds to download for listening.
 Logo Tutorials
To be used in class as needed for review.
 ABI Login Directions.pdf
Click here to get the directions for logging into ABI. This is a PDF and will DOWNLOAD to your computer for reading.
 Business Project Direction Packet.pdf
Directions and Due Dates for project pieces
 Engineering Info Webquest.pdf
Webquest Assignment Information
 Intro to Office 365.mp4
A video introduction to Office 365.
Assignments Due
No "Assignments Due" exist(s)

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